Players Players latest software downloads en-us Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro 3.0 Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Pro is a superior Blu-ray player that can bring you the most unforgettable Blu-ray experience on your Mac. It perfectly supports all media formats with high quality, and it also makes Blu-ray playable on iOS devices. 24 April, 2017 11:59 Elmedia Player 6.6 Elmedia Player, a versatile media player for Mac, supports almost all commonly used video & audio formats. This free application offers an extensive list of flexible settings and handy options to make your watching experience really enjoyable. 20 September, 2016 08:24 Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player 2.16.10 Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player is a superior Blu-ray player that can bring you the most unforgettable Blu-ray experience on your Mac. It perfectly supports all media formats with high quality, and it also makes Blu-ray playable on iOS devices. 27 April, 2016 08:45 5KPlayer for Mac 3.6 5KPlayer is a new-style free media player for Mac OS as all-in-one HD video/music player, AirPlay streamer and free online video/music downloader. It plays MKV/4K ultra HD video. It also turns your Mac as AirPlay sender/receiver to stream movie music 12 April, 2016 07:58 Macgo Free Mac Media Player 2.16.4 Macgo Free Mac Media Player is the best all-in-one free media player for Mac OS X in the world. It can play HD movies on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free. It can support all media formats with high quality. 17 November, 2015 07:03 Total Video Player for Mac 2.7.0 Total Video Player for Mac is the best universal AVI Player for Mac and MKV Player Mac, supporting 4K, 1080p, Mp4, H264, Mov, FLV, MKV and all other popular video files together with any audio formats(Mp3, Wma, Ogg...)as well as DVDs and CD Audios. 21 July, 2015 08:06 rickert 0.1 Media management for webservers written in PHP using the getid3 library for details on sound and video files. All information is put into a database and everything is editable incl. 31 January, 2013 01:15 KutttPech 0.4.1 KutttPech is a JAVA-based MPEG-player able to handle LIVE STREAM video+audio as well as files. Very usefull for webcams and web-site add-ons. Try it, the speed will suprise you! 28 January, 2013 01:15 MasterSoft Video Player for Joomla 1.0 MasterSoft Video Player is component for Joomla from Version 1.5.x. The component allows the user to upload Flash videos (.flv, .f4v) and Quicktime videos (.mov, .mp4) via the backend or FTP to show them in the frontend. 26 January, 2013 01:15 QuickTimeTcl 1.0 QuickTimeTcl is an extension package to Tcl/Tk that runs on Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, and Windows. It provides a high level interface to QuickTime from Tcl for both application development and scripting from console. 25 January, 2013 01:15 Online Video Viewer 1.0 Our Video viewer is passed on PHP with a MySQL backend to store usernames, passwords and the like. 19 January, 2013 01:15 VIDeo Interface for *niX 1.0.0 VIDIX is VIDeo Interface for *niX.VIDIX is portable interface which was designed and introduced as interface to userspace drivers to provide DGA everywhere where it's possible. 17 January, 2013 01:15 ShareMedia 1.0 ShareMedia is a photo manager (support for video and music is planned). Includes metadata editing, 3D viewing, automatic file ordering and sharing with your friends using the Jabber IM protocol or Picasa Web. 17 January, 2013 01:15 Open Rokn 0.2 An open source Roku channel customizable via a single xml template 13 January, 2013 01:15 wearable computing library 2.202 General purpose programs developed specifically for wearable computing. 11 January, 2013 01:15 Collabry 1.0 Collabry is an open API for building of collaboration/social networking. The API defined as a set of webservices, as a set of class libraries for rapid development web interfaced collaboration/social networking applications. 10 January, 2013 01:15 SubPlay - Mac movieplayer with subtitles 2 Use SubPlay to look at your movies with subtitles on your Mac (Mac OS X or 9 and maybe) and it'll maybe support Windows later...SubPlay is being developed with RealBasic (download here: www.realsoftware. 06 January, 2013 01:15 JVigilancia 0.9.3 Using JVigilancia you can use a cheap webcam to remotely watch your home or business. You can instruct the program to perform several actions when movement is detected in the image, even to send you an e-mail at this moment with attached pictures. 05 January, 2013 01:15 ygboX 0.23.beta Apple Mac-based software solution powering multi-screen content. For digital signage, kiosk/stand displays and presentations for live events. Any number of physical displays, any resolutions, any layout. 01 January, 2013 01:15 OpenLP Worship Presentation Software 1.9.8 OpenLP is free church presentation software, used to display songs, Bible verses, videos, images, and even presentations for church worship, using a computer and a data projector. The cross-platform version is nearing completion. 19 December, 2012 01:15