Networking Tools Networking Tools latest software downloads en-us NetSpot 2.7.808 NetSpot 2 is the only professional app for wireless site survey, Wi-Fi analysis and troubleshooting on Mac OS X. It's FREE and very simple, no need to be a network expert to start using NetSpot today! 13 November, 2017 10:46 Easy Duplicate File Finder for Mac Easy Duplicate Finder is an award-winning tool that will help you find and delete all sorts of duplicate files in just a few clicks. With its advanced algorithms and flexible file management options, Easy Duplicate Finder is accurate and easy to use. 12 August, 2014 07:36 Cisco Connection Analyzer 1.0 The Cisco Connection Analyzer will analyze a real time snap shot of your PIX/ASA connection table and tell you useful information about the conn table. It will tell you top talkers, top services..etc. Very useful in troubleshooting the firewall. 31 January, 2013 01:15 fwmap 0.1.5 none 29 January, 2013 01:15 AMaViS - A Mail Virus Scanner AMaViS is a script that interfaces a mail transport agent (MTA) with virusscanners. 27 January, 2013 01:15 WoodPing 1.1 Pings a host and sends an email stating whether the ping was successful. 26 January, 2013 01:15 CACANMS 2005.07.29 CACANMS is an acronym for Computer Aided Campus Area Network Management System. The system consists of software components and a library of about 60 classes. 24 January, 2013 01:15 Privoxy rc Privoxy is a non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, modifying web page data and HTTP headers, controlling access, and removing ads and other obnoxious Internet junk. 19 January, 2013 01:15 JavaTunnel 0.0 JavaTunnel is a java, free, tunneling program.It can function in two ways: 1 It can open TCP/IP tunnel between two computers, using HTTP as a transport(not yet). 2 It can open a connection directly, witht he help of a SSL-HTTP proxy(avaible now). 18 January, 2013 01:15 Coccinellida 0.6 Coccinellida - Simple SSH Tunnel Manager for Mac OS X 18 January, 2013 01:15 CactiPhone 1.0 No description 17 January, 2013 01:15 Transparent network over HTTP 1.3.beta THIS PROJECT IS UP FOR GRABS. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR TAKING OVER THIS PROJECT.This is program to allow users behind a HTTP proxy like squid to use applications like telnet,ssh, irc, fetchmail etc as if they were directly connected to the internet. 16 January, 2013 01:15 SigTranslator 20080902 Siganture Translator is a Java application which can translate signatures between different IDS's and Common Intrusion Detection Signatures Standard (CIDSS). 16 January, 2013 01:15 phpPF 0.3 Pablesticky is a PHP script that provides a web interface to a growing amount of features of OpenBSD's PF. 15 January, 2013 01:15 Apple Airport Extreme MAC spoof 0.1 aspoof is a program that modifies the Apple Airport Extreme binary to spoof the MAC address of the wireless card. 14 January, 2013 01:15 Java NTLM Proxy 0.2 Forwards non-NTLM HTTP client requests to an NTLM proxy server (ie. Microsoft IAS). Can also forward a local port to a remote machine. 13 January, 2013 01:15 Build FW1 Cisco Netscreen PolicyFromLogs 1.0 These three tools build Checkpoint, Cisco ASA or Netscreen policys from logfiles. They write dbedit, access-list or set address, set service and set policy commands for the traffic seen in the logs, that can be cut and pasted into the firewalls. 13 January, 2013 01:15 Sangam - A plugin for collaboration 1.0 An Eclipse Plugin to achieve distributed pair programming on the internet, it is based on open sourced Syncshare server. This plugin will finally make XP possible b/w distributed teams. 12 January, 2013 01:15 HTTPTunnel 1.0 Enables tunneling of network connections through restrictive HTTP proxies. 10 January, 2013 01:15 Vespasian Server 0.1 Vespasian is a web-based frontend for controlling iTunes on your Mac from any web-enabled device, specifically targeting WiFi enabled PDA devices. It also includes a general iTunes framework for customizing and extending functionality. 31 December, 2012 01:15