Monitoring Tools Monitoring Tools latest software downloads en-us Magican Monitor 1.0.0 Magican Monitor is an easy-to-use app helps Mac users monitor system status quickly. Download and upload speed displays in the float window, once mouse touched, memory, disk, CPU, sensor and battery information will be popped-up. 25 January, 2013 01:15 IPNetRouterX 1.4 IPNetRouterX is a powerful router, firewall, and network management utility including NAPT with inbound port mapping, a built-in DHCP Server, AirPort configuration tool, bandwidth accounting, and rate limiting. 17 January, 2013 01:15 AquaEthereal 0.10.3 An AppleScript-based application launcher for Ethereal, a Unix network monitoring application that runs in Appleā€™s X11 environment. AquaEthereal prompts for user authorization and then launches directly into Ethereal after X11 opens. 13 January, 2013 01:15 IPNetMonitorX 2.5 IPNetMonitorX is a network troubleshooting toolkit for debugging Internet service problems and optimizing performance. 01 January, 2013 01:15 Xnet 1.26 1.26 About XnetBITcom Xnet is a native Mac OS X network and server monitoring tool,developed in Cocoa, with a beautiful Aqua interface, supporting all common internet services likehttp, ftp, telnet, pop3 and much more. 22 December, 2012 01:15 Mars 2.2.5 2.2.2005 About MarsA simple, extensible, services-oriented network status monitor written in Java. It monitors a network by simulating client connections to Internet services and reporting when those services are not responding as expected. 16 December, 2012 01:15 APC Tracker 3.0.1 About APC TrackerA Cocoa application for UPS devices in a network that powers specifically off Mac OS X and Xserve. It investigates the status of the UPS and will properly shut down the client computer once power gets interrupted. 25 November, 2012 01:15 LoginManager .0 5 - limit login time for each users by setting a total time or time ranges- limit online time for each user by setting time ranges- basic login time accounting- monitor disk usage for each user 15 November, 2012 01:15 AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer 1.0.8 AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer is a professional network analyzer (also known as protocol analyzer and packet sniffer), AirGrab Network Packet Analyzer performs real-time packet capturing, network monitoring, advanced protocol analyzing, in-depth pa 14 November, 2012 01:15 AquaPacket .0 1 About AquaPacketProvides one-click activation for the command-line tcpdump network monitoring utility. It activates tcpdump, writes the network packet data to a file, then loads the file into the data viewer. 11 September, 2012 01:15 Pingeling Server monitor utility with SMS noticication. Pingeling is the perfect tool to monitor servers and services. You can use Pingeling to check if your favorite mail servers, web servers, ftp servers are still running. 07 September, 2012 01:15 REVORemote 1.0.0 RevoRemote allows you to access remote sites and monitor live video via network connection anytime, anywhere 21 August, 2012 01:15 WhoIs Analyzer Pro 2.0 WhoIs Analyzer Pro is unlike any WhoIs tool on the market today because of it's state of the art searching capabilities. 05 August, 2012 01:15