Mathematics Mathematics latest software downloads en-us Xfoil 1.0.9 Easy to install and run port of Mark Drela‚Äôs XFOIL software: drag 'n drop it in your Applications folder and double click on it! 27 January, 2013 01:15 TNTmips 6.9 6.9 About TNTmips- Single product integrating the analysis of topological vector, raster, CAD, TIN, and database geodata. 18 January, 2013 01:15 GSP5 5.3 The Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP5)... With a 20-year record of classroom success, The Geometer's Sketchpad is the world's leading software for teaching mathematics. Instructors have named it the Best Educational Software of all Time. 10 December, 2012 01:15 LaTeX Equation Editor 1.1 About LaTeX Equation EditorThe LaTeX Equation Editor provides a sleek GUI interface to LaTeX, arguably the most advanced mathematical typesetting program in existence. 02 December, 2012 01:15 Mathlete 1.0 Mathlete helps develop critical math skills in additions, subtraction, multiplication and division. The app centers around taking 60 second test. There are 4 difficulty levels: Beginner, intermediate, advance and expert. 21 November, 2012 01:15 MuPAD Pro 2.5.3 2.5.2003 About MuPAD ProA modern, full-featured computer algebra system in an integrated and open environment for symbolic and numeric computing. 06 November, 2012 01:15 EureKalc 3 3.0.01 EureKalc 3 is an environment for numeric and symbolic calculation, dedicated to solving problems in the field of physics, mathematics,? engineering...With EureKalc 3 you can... 19 August, 2012 01:15 MathMagic XTension 2.5.4 MathMagic is the ultimate WYSIWYG equation editor for QuarkXPress. It also comes with mathematical symbol fonts in both TrueType and PostScript format. MathMagic, the ultimate Equation Editor. 27 June, 2011 00:00 LXVII 1.0.0 LXVII (pronounced "67") is a faithful simulation of the Hewlett-Packard HP-67 calculator for Mac OS X. Among its many features are: The ability to have multiple calculators and programs running at once. 26 June, 2011 00:00 Domino Probability 1.0 Students are shown a set of dominos and asked the probability of a certain outcome, such as picking a domino whose two numbers sum to eight. The converse is also asked (e.g. the probability of picking a domino whose two numbers do not sum to eight). 24 June, 2011 00:00 PolyRoot 1.5.6 PolyRoot is a companion app to RPN Calculator. It finds roots of polynomials of degree 10 or less. The polynomial coefficients can be real or complex. Drag & drop is supported to provide near seamless integration with RPNC. 24 June, 2011 00:00 FrakKalk 2.0 FrakKalk allows you to add, subtract, multiply, and divide large fractions without having to convert from decimal form. 23 June, 2011 00:00 bigCalc 2.1 bigCalc is a very simple calculator but with a very big display and buttons. - welcome. 23 June, 2011 00:00 Conversion Master 2.0 Conversion Master is a utility designed to quickly convert numbers from one unit to another, 29 available categories.  Conversion Master means you do not have to use a calculator or use conversion manuals. 23 June, 2011 00:00 PDF Equation 0.7 PDF Equation gives you quick access to LaTeX's typesetting power in almost every Mac OS X application. Just type a LaTeX snippet, render a it and drag the resulting PDF file into your Keynote presentation or wherever you need it. 22 June, 2011 00:00 Master The Facts Multiplication 5.0.4 Master The Facts Multiplication is a no-nonsense tool to aide students in learning multiplication facts. Fast Rabbit Software Online. Direct download educational software for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. 22 June, 2011 00:00 Linear Algebrator 1.0 The Linear Algebrator is a Mac OS X application for teaching or learning basic linear algebra, taking you step-by-step through both the Gauss-Jordan elimination algorithm for row reducing matrices as well as the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization algorit 21 June, 2011 00:00 QuickTTestX 1.1 QuickTTestX is a programme for calculating means, SDs and SEMs and testing the significance of differences using Student's t-test. 21 June, 2011 00:00 Ryan's Math Quiz 1.0.2 Ryan's Math Quiz.. Flash card style math reinforcement and proficiency enhancement. Simple interface with positive feedback and quiz quality reporting. Difficulty adjustable for 1st grade level math or higher. 21 June, 2011 00:00 Math Practice 2.6.2 Math Practice is a variety of simple math fact review activities including facts against a timer, building a number sentence and 11 different "math square" games. Many timed activities are accompanied by a "Hall of Fame.". Elementary Software. 20 June, 2011 00:00