Gaming Utilities Gaming Utilities latest software downloads en-us SpaceNet 1260412851 Self-aware dynamic, reflective, and declarative semantic space representation, transformation, and exploration system. 22 January, 2013 01:15 SFML (Simple, Fast Multimedia Library) 32 A simple, fast, cross-platform and object-oriented multimedia API. It provides low-level access to system, windowing, graphics, audio and network. Based on OpenGL, SFML can also be used as a minimal windowing and event system for this API. 22 January, 2013 01:15 All-In Hon ModManager 1.0 All-In Hon ModManager is a simple software to manage and control Heroes of Newerth Mods and Addons for final users (gamers). 13 January, 2013 01:15 WZ 2100 Improvizing 1.0 Parts of Warzone 2100 ( made better but not necessarily in the game made available to YOU! 08 January, 2013 01:15 Recipe Tools 0.66 Tools for the recipe collector :-) RecipeFox: A addon to FireFox to grab recipes from the net (like the MasterCook addon in Internet Explorer) A recipe converter: It converts recipes from one format to another, and supports the following formats: - A 01 January, 2013 01:15 MaxDream MaxDream is a cross-platform open source game(/simulation) engine based on OpenTK and .Net/Mono. MaxDream goal is to be compatible with any other game Engine and any game techniques, so you can use your own methods, without changing the source code. 29 December, 2012 01:15 Are You Happy? 1.0 Programa de ocio para diversiAln entre compaA┬▒eros primera versiAln pre-alpha muy pronto mas versiones. 26 December, 2012 01:15 JPortal 1.3beta.800 JPortal version 1.3 beta is released! 25 December, 2012 01:15 phxENGINE 1.0 pxhENGINE is game engine/framework written in PHP5 with Smarty Template Engine and PDO. 22 December, 2012 01:15 ZILF 0.3 A set of tools for working with the ZIL interactive fiction language, including a compiler, assembler, disassembler, and game library. 15 December, 2012 01:15 Icarus Scene Engine 1.0 Icarus Scene Engine is a cross-platform 3D design studio and API libraries, integrating open source APIs into a cohesive all-open-source solution. For Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Web. Uses OpenTK, OpenGL, OpenAL, ODE, Mono/. 14 December, 2012 01:15 FJGameEngine 1.0 A portable game engine, which also allow make applets. 13 December, 2012 01:15 Coulson Plot Generator 1.0 Coulson Plot Generator application creates a multiple pie diagram, for comparing subunit occupancy across a range of entities. Numbers of pies, segments, labels and colours are customisable. Creates an editable PDF from a comma separated text file. 12 December, 2012 01:15 FGGE 0.04 FGGE is an HTML 5 + Javascript Game Engine allowing users to make games without worrying about render, but only on code and game logics, this means faster production and cleaner code. 06 December, 2012 01:15 SPIN Framework 0.3.3 The SPIN (Spatial Interaction) Framework is a networked system for creating and managing interactive virtual environments. 04 December, 2012 01:15 BrickUtils 1.0 BrickUtils is a simple utility for builders that use LEGO Digital Designer and LDraw-compatible CAD for designing models. The main problem that BrickUtils tries to solve is the answer at the question: can I build this model with bricks I own? 21 November, 2012 01:15 Entropy Engine 64 EntropyEngine is a Java based 2D game engine. This project is intended for learning game engine design, and detailed tutorials can be found at the project's homepage. 20 November, 2012 01:15 Blackspirit Graphics 2.0.1 A hardware accelerated Java 2D graphics library designed for cross-platform games, providing a powerful but simple interface. It focuses on real-time applications but can also be integrated into graphical user interfaces. 19 November, 2012 01:15 arcan-fe 1.0 Arcan is a portable and fully scriptable frontend for launching games, emulators and other full-screen applications in a visual appealing way, as seamlessly as possible. The API is sufficiently complete for other projects as well, e.g. 09 November, 2012 01:15 Web Demos 1.0 A collection of demos, with source code, demonstrating advanced examples of web programming. 08 November, 2012 01:15