Compression Tools Compression Tools latest software downloads en-us iZip 3.0 iZip is a FREE powerful archiving utility designed specifically for Mac. Easily manage Zip files directly from the OS X Finder. Open and securely share Zip, encrypted Zip and RAR plus other file formats. 22 June, 2017 10:35 WhatsApp Pocket for Mac 4.5.2 WhatsApp Pocket for Mac is a lightweight and easy-to-use utility specially made to help you extract and recover WhatsApp messages from your iPhone. You can read conversation history on your Mac, export contacts and extract messages easily. 01 August, 2015 07:57 Smart Zipper Pro 3.4.0 Smart Zipper Pro for Mac is a professional archiving app, which can easily create, extract and preview major archive files like ZIP, RAR, 7z and more (Over 20 popular formats). 09 October, 2014 07:12 FileFort Plus for Mac 3.30 FileFort Plus for Mac is easy to use Mac file backup software that will automatically backup your data to virtually any type of storage media including CD, DVD, remote FTP servers or online file storage accounts. 28 August, 2014 06:44 EDS 0.3.6 EDS is a GUI front end for rarlabs rar program. Users can create rar sets or a single rar file. Users can also create recovery volumes and set compression type. Some switches are disabled in this release. Real Open, Real, Really, Realist. 27 June, 2011 00:00 Checksum 1.2 This is a Cocoa wrapper around the OpenSSL command line tool.You can drag-and-drop files onto the window to calculate checksums. . 21 June, 2011 00:00 MacZip 1.0.7cb1 MacZip is a cross-platform compatible tool and includes both Zip (for compression) and Unzip (for extraction). 21 June, 2011 00:00 RadicalSqueeze 2.1.1 Want to email some files to a friend? Looking to backup your important files? Or maybe you need to upload some files to a server and you need to make the transfer go a little (or a lot) quicker. 12 June, 2011 00:00 Untar 1.3.3 Untar is a wrapper application for Mac OS X which can uncompress and extract files from .7z, .tar, .tar.gz, .tgz, .tar.z, .z, .gz, .svgz .Z, .tar.Z, .taz,, .tar.bz2, .tbz, .tbz2, .bz, .bz2, .rar, and .zip file formats. 12 June, 2011 00:00 GZipanda 2.1 GZipanda is the GZip and BZip2 compression tool which is simple and easy to use. Sunskysoft. 06 June, 2011 00:00 checkSum+ 1.5.2 This is a Cocoa wrapper around the OpenSSL command line tool.You can drag-and-drop files onto the window to calculate checksums. . 06 June, 2011 00:00 Media Calculator 1.2.1 Media Calculator is a little tool to calculate the required video-datarate for a arbitrary medium (DVD, CD-ROM, Internet) before encoding a videostream. CAT-BOX - Blog. 02 June, 2011 00:00 InstallerMaker 8.0.28 InstallerMaker, the complete installation and data distribution standard, provides the best solution for developers to create complex, professional installers in less time than competing products. 21 May, 2011 00:00 MacTar (PPC) 4.2.1 MacTar reads and writes tar files, a common format used to package files on Unix systems. It can even read and write directly to some SCSI tape drives. 20 May, 2011 00:00 7za 4.2 Yet another compression format. Pretty impressive compression, but doesn't retain Mac/UNIX permissions. KyngChaos Wiki [KyngChaos Wiki]. 14 May, 2011 00:00 Kung-Tar 1.3.2 Kung-Tar is made with AppleScript Studio. It's an OS X freeware front end to the UNIX utility gnutar. It allows for archiving multiple files and directories in various locations on your drives. 14 May, 2011 00:00 RarMe 0.5 RarMe is an AppleScript Studio application that uses the command line utility 'rar' ( to create RAR archives. In order to use RarMe you must download and install RAR. 13 May, 2011 00:00 Stuffit Deluxe 12 StuffIt Deluxe is the complete solution, makes it easy to access,compress, send, protect, and backup important information. 11 May, 2011 00:00 FileShrinker 1.2 FileShrinker is a quick and easy file compressor, this handy app will zip any files or folders; handy for getting that movie file on a CD or emailing your photos and pictures to a friend. Handy Mac Apps. 10 May, 2011 00:00 Compress Files '08 Compress Files is an easy-to-use tool for compress, archive, encrypt files and omit Mac-specific invisible files. 09 May, 2011 00:00