Component & Libraries Component & Libraries latest software downloads en-us PDF Text Stamp COM Component 1.18 PDF Text Stamp software automates the process of applying page numbers, bates numbers, roman numerals, fonts, font sizes, font types, colored text, angled text, centered text, right justified, from any edge of page etc. 23 August, 2014 08:24 Zebra_Pagination 1.2.1 A generic pagination class that automatically generates navigation links given the total number of items and the number of items per page.Please note that this is a *generic* pagination class, meaning that it does not display any records! 30 January, 2013 01:15 Extensible Component Scanner 1.0 You know the component scanning feature of Spring? You'll love this: component scanning as easy as select(javaClasses()).from("your.package").returning(allAnnotatedWith(YourAnnotation.class)). Can support any language running on the JVM. 30 January, 2013 01:15 ATMSP 1.0.3 A Tiny Mathematical Speed ParserATMSP is a portable C++ parser for mathematical expressions like "sin(x)+y^2" e.g. These may contain arbitrary numbers of functions, variables and constants. 30 January, 2013 01:15 ZBus - message bus for PHP apps 1.0 ZBus - message bus for PHP applications Manages API messaging between application flow and plugins. 29 January, 2013 01:15 X-O lite 1.0 This project provides a lightweight framework to serialize/deserialize java objects into XML. The implementation is based on standard SAX but follows an original approach based on encapsulation paradigm of Object Oriented programming. 29 January, 2013 01:15 ffmpeg4java A Java wrapper of FFmpeg library 28 January, 2013 01:15 PHP4sack 1.0 A PHP encapsulation of the AJAX sack library so that developers need only code in PHP to implement AJAX, Feedback will be good to improve this component set. 27 January, 2013 01:15 Velai Threads for Java 0.9.2.beta Framework to simplify the task of writing and executing threads in Java. Developer writes a Callable with annotations. The executor returns an extended Future with built-in support for cancelling, pausing, calculating progress, and much more. 24 January, 2013 01:15 Simple Lightweight Component Framework 0.2 Simple Lightweight Component Frmework or JLCF is a lightweight component framework developed in Java. Its purpose is to enable creating a component based core that can very easily be integrated with existing UI technologies and middleware. 24 January, 2013 01:15 Simple JdbcTemplate 1.5.3 Java class library based on Spring's JdbcTemplate implementation that simplifies the use of JDBC transactions and helps to avoid common errors.Javadoc: 23 January, 2013 01:15 JScriptTouch 0.1.2 JScriptTouch is an SDK which allows developers quickly create full featured applications for iPhone platform using javascript. 22 January, 2013 01:15 TimeChart 1.0 A PHP library for creating time series charts. This library was developed for the PgMonitor and OpenStats projects, but it's possible to use it separately. 21 January, 2013 01:15 FileEditor 1.0 Provides a Java programmable only text file editor. No gui is available. It supplies most of the features you expect from an editor including selections. 21 January, 2013 01:15 ExpressionJ 0.9.2 ExpressionJ is a Java library allowing to interpret simple numeric expressions, which may be used in all applications which have to combine numeric values, but do not want to use full-blown scripting languages. 21 January, 2013 01:15 lwdba 31 lwdba is a light weight database access library. A programmer can access database by SQL in a high level fashion. No complicated configuration is required. lwdba is simple, easy to learn, and easy to use. 20 January, 2013 01:15 jargs_generic 1.0 This project is Java 1.5 port of the JArgs Project ( with minor changes like validation and the annotation-based configuration for command-line options. 19 January, 2013 01:15 IO::StructuredOutput 1.008 Perl OO extension to ease creation of structured data output (html tables, csv files, excel spreadsheets, etc) 19 January, 2013 01:15 CloneUtils 1.0.1 A simple library for cloning java objects. And it can do it in three ways. The shallow copy, the serialized copy and the deep clone. It is useful if you need to detach an entity from an EntityManager. 19 January, 2013 01:15 ViennaData 1.0.1 ViennaData is a C++ library that allows to separate intrinsic properties of a class from data associated to objects of that class. This allows to write code that is much more reusable than traditional designs. 18 January, 2013 01:15