Collecters Tools Collecters Tools latest software downloads en-us 10 Seconds With Tyler Durden 1.5 10 Seconds With Tyler Durden is for you if you are an avid lover of Fight Club. Enjoy the insightful and hilarious phrases from the David Fincher classic Fight Club. 26 June, 2011 00:00 Date Calculator 1.1 In the Date Calculator, you can enter any date and convert it between Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, and French Republic and find its day of the week. You can enter two dates and find the time span between them. 25 June, 2011 00:00 Reman 0.3.2 Reman is a program from generating random names. It can also create Jedi names. 24 June, 2011 00:00 Mixologist Pro 1.0.6 Mixologist Pro a mixed drink database that now includes over 8800 recipes in metric and US measures plus an expanded glossary with over 800 terms. A free fully functioning demo with 500 recipes is available. 22 June, 2011 00:00 Chop Chop Chef 1.0 Chop Chop Chef is a new cooking show for CD-ROM. 22 June, 2011 00:00 Ringtone Converter X 4.4.3 The Ringtone Converter is a software program for Apple Mac systems that allows you to add new ringtones to your mobile phone without the need for cables or expensive premium rate SMS servicesThe Ringtone Converter supports most models of phone includ 22 June, 2011 00:00 PodSonality 1.1 With PodSonality you're able to create your own personality tests for your iPod.Simply fill in some questions, the results and the explanation of your test and let PodSonality create the test for you. Aerosol Software. 21 June, 2011 00:00 SimpleDigitalLocomotive 0.4b23 SimpleDigitalLocomotive. Purpose: controlling digital model railway locomotives function models and accessories via serial ports on a Mac... 20 June, 2011 00:00 MacFamilyTree 4.4.9 MacFamilyTree offers all you would expect from a modern genealogy application, it has been completely re-developed from scratch by using the programming tools from Apple. 20 June, 2011 00:00 PhotoXtra 2.3 PhotoXtra can store and organise digital camera photographs or other images, sounds or movies.Collect photos and other digital files including sounds and movies from digital cameras, scanners+, web pages, CD-ROMs, servers and more. 19 June, 2011 00:00 CuliDataBase 5.9.2 CuliDataBase is an application for managing culinary recipes. There are PPC and 68K versions; with this you have the PPC version, works also under Classic mode of OS X.A simple click with the mouse lets you put ingredients on a shopping list. 15 June, 2011 00:00 Reunion 9.0.7 Reunion helps you to document, store, and display information about your family -- your ancestors, descendants, cousins, etc. It records names, dates, places, facts, plenty of notes, sources of information, pictures, sounds, and videos. 14 June, 2011 00:00 Desktop Gallery 1.5b5 Desktop Gallery is a Mac OS 8 system enhancement that turns Mac OS 8's desktop pictures feature into a dynamic background slide show. 11 June, 2011 00:00 Minuteur 4.7.2 Minuteur is an egg timer and a stopwatch. The intention was to have a timer which is simple and immediate in use. Minuteur is also very flexible and extremely configurable. Particular attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the programme. 10 June, 2011 00:00 Gedcom2Geneweb 1.5 Gedcom2Geneweb allows you to convert a GEDCOM File and produce a new file suitable for any Geneweb application. It has been tested on GEDCOM files issued from Reunion for Mac OS X and Heredis X. French and English version. Accueil. 10 June, 2011 00:00 iFicionado 0.8.4b iFicionado is like iTunes, but for cigars! I can't say it in a more elegant way. And if you think about it, that's a pretty powerful statement. 08 June, 2011 00:00 HappyHolidays! 2.9 HappyHolidays! makes it easy to create personalized photo cards using your own digital photos. Use your digital photos, add a personal message and you have the perfect photo card! Print your photo card with your own color printer! 07 June, 2011 00:00 Lush 1.0 Lush is an intelligent cocktail guide. It offers an online recipe book containing the recipes for many popular drinks. 07 June, 2011 00:00 Heredis 10.2.3 Heredis is a complete geneology application that has the following features:Immediate display and access to all functions on one screen onlyComprehensive data managementPowerful search tools and database mergingIntegrated mode of visualization of you 02 June, 2011 00:00 RecipeBook 3.1 RecipeBook is a recipe organizer with an interface designed to be familiar if you have used applications such as the Apple Address Book. Use it with recipe text files or clippings you already have or find over the internet. 01 June, 2011 00:00