Action Games Action Games latest software downloads en-us Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow .0 1 About Sky Captain & the World of TomorrowThe game (based on the movie) consists of four levels, in which virtual pilots will be faced with the dual challenge of destroying enemies and completing laps around courses. 31 January, 2013 01:15 Deep Trouble 1.0.3 About DeepTroubleDeepTrouble is a fast paced 3D action game taking place under water where the player fights alien colonies. 31 January, 2013 01:15 Detritus 1.0.5 Detritus is a fast-paced shoot-em-up strongly based after the old classic Asteroids. Replenish your shield with power-ups and gain new weapons. "Cleaners" appear periodically, so watch out! The keyboard controls should be self-explanatory. 29 January, 2013 01:15 The Three Musketeers: One for All! 1.0 *** Optimized to run on old and new Macs alike! ***The musketeers have been imprisoned by the villainous count Xavier and his lieutenant, the sinister Orsini! Take on the role of Porthos in Legendo’s The Three Musketeers: One for all! 27 January, 2013 01:15 Super Mega Worm 1.0 iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad Hit eats its way to the Mac!Mac Features- Window or Full Screen Mode!- New Precision Keyboard Controls!Mother Earth is on the brink of extinction and has released her last defense, the Great Death Worm, Wojira. 25 January, 2013 01:15 Poison Shooter 8 Use the arrow keys to move your ship. Try move all clouds without bumping into any of them. 25 January, 2013 01:15 SedSokoban 0.3 The classic Sokoban game reincarnated again, this time in SED. Yes, that sed! The good old UNIX Stream EDitor you used in the console days to s/substitute/words/g. Note that it's cool because it's SED. Don't expect an amazing gameplay. 22 January, 2013 01:15 BongoBoogie 1.51 1.51 Genre: ActionAbout BongoBoogieDiscover your next game addiction: Bongo Boogie! You?ll go wild for manic monkeys and quirky coconuts in this next generation brick wall game for the whole family. 20 January, 2013 01:15 Solarian II 1.1 1.1 About Solarian IIA classic Mac video game: one of the first color games available for the color Macs that came out in 1988, and the winner of countless awards and accolades. 20 January, 2013 01:15 Laser Dolphin (for Mac) 1.2.2006 Take control of Laser Dolphin to experience action, adventure, and underwater fun. 18 January, 2013 01:15 Frogs vs. Storks Lite 1.2.2002 Evil storks have invaded the pond!! But the frogs are putting up quite a fight!!Navigate your frogs on the other side of the pond without getting eaten by the storks and collect all the goodies along the way! 15 January, 2013 01:15 Argonaut 1.0.2 Genre: ActionAbout ArgonautJoin the lucrative trade of crystal mining! 15 January, 2013 01:15 BATTLE BEARS -1 Mac 1.1 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME! The #1 Action/Adventure Game in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and China! - "BATTLE BEARS -1 is a ride that's well worth taking." -TouchArcade - "BATTLE BEARS -1 is a game that you should NOT pass up on! 14 January, 2013 01:15 Derelict 1.01 1.1 About DerelictIn deep space, your salvage team has run across a derelict star ship with the seemingly mis-chosen name of "The Dire Circumstances". Their loss, your gain. There s only one minor problem - It s infested with aliens! 13 January, 2013 01:15 LEGO Batman 1.0 Arkham Asylum is home to Gotham City's criminally insane villains – or at least it was until they broke out. 12 January, 2013 01:15 Dooms Knight Lite 1.0 This is the LITE version of Doom's Knight. It has one episode with 9 levels.You’ve been punitively posted to Mars after assaulting your commanding officer, who ordered your unit to fire upon civilians. 10 January, 2013 01:15 Birdie Shoot .0 1 About Birdie ShootCrazy Birds are on the run. They have all been infected by the ASE virus and now threaten to infect other birds all over the world. Use your anaesthetization gun to bring down as many birds as possible so they can be inoculated. 07 January, 2013 01:15 Pinch Ol’ Santa .0 2 About Pinch Ol SantaThe player has to pinch Santa so he loses a parcel or two. As more parcels Santa loses, as more points the user gets.Pinch ol' Santa features tracks from U4ia. 06 January, 2013 01:15 Captain Nemo: 20,000 leagues under the sea 1.0 Inspired from the Jules Vernes novel, Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Professor Pierre Aronnax, his assistant Conseil and the harpoonist Ned Land are captured by Captain Nemo, who travels the world’s oceans on board the Nautilus submarine. 06 January, 2013 01:15 Submarines for Mac 1.1 1.1 About Submarines for MacDestroy enemy subs before they destroy you. Explode them with slowly falling depth charges while avoiding their mines. There are several kinds of sub each with different ways of moving and shooting. 05 January, 2013 01:15