ZinjaI for Mac OS X

ZinjaI for Mac OS X

ZinjaI is a C++ IDE (integrated development environment) developed in the context of a Scholarship for Initiation to the Scientific Research, in Universidad Nacional del Litoral, specially designed for being employed in classroom by programming studends. FEATURES: edition facilities: syntax highlighting, code folding, avanced search and replace, special C++ commands, intelligent and automatic indentation, and more quick development of programming exercises without the need to create nor configure projects complete help system (current, totaly in spanish): documentation about the IDE, tutorials, about advanced features and C++ reference (still incomplete) context sensitive autocomletion and calltips popups templates system, for both proyects and simple exercises improved compiler output displaying: tree form representation for errors and warnings, rewriting some lines, discarding others for better and faster reading dubugging: inspections handling, gdb objects exploration, regular and conditional breakpoints, watchpoints, backtrace, step by step execution, class instances visualization, special tables for vectors and matrixes, and more project handling: several configurations profiles, advance compiling and linking options, external tools integrations and more source sharing: allows user easily sharing a source code to other PCs over a LAN portability: it can run on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, converting projects paths and other settings beetwen both system automatically visual representations: drawing of flowchart diagrams, class hierarchy diagramas, directly from source code external tools integration: quick GUI generation with wxFormBuilder, source comparing and merging with diff, internal documentation generation with doxygen, excution profiling with gprof and valgrind, and more internationalized user interfase: available in spanish and english (with posibillity to add new languages in the future) free (for price) and free (for liberty) software: GPL license

Development Tool - Integrated Development Environment - C Programming - Develop - Development - Ide

Published By:Pipeh Software

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:26 January, 2013




Size:35.0 MB

Platform: Mac OS X

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