YOW* is a real-time Quicktime DJ application. Instead of 2 turntables or 2 cd players and a mixer, YOW* provides 4 interactive media modules. A unique, performance-oriented interface lets The DJ mix sound, vision, and stills with a macintosh computer's mouse and keyboard. Load quicktime files (almost ANY audio, video, flash, still image, text, or MIDI file file) into a module and play them back using YOW*'s innovative controls: Automatic audio fade-ins, fade-outs, automatic crossfades, interactive scratching/pitch, volume, loop and crossfade control, exceptionally fast file switching, and a bpm counter/beat matcher all work with smooth precision. You can also export playlists from SoundJam or iTunes and use YOW* to DJ the files. Yow* Digital Media Software. YOW* is a unique productive entity for creating software and services for digital artists. G audio manipulation environment is for live audio effects, loop mixing, digital dj'ing, and video sampling.

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Published By:Peter Nyboer

License Type:Demo

Date Added:14 May, 2011




Size:2.9 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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