Ya Allah (Duas from Quran)


There comes a time in your life when the cloud of depression, guilt and worry hovers you. You’re left helpless and hopeless. In that case, the Almighty God has gifted mankind with a soul enriching method called, “Dua.” When you have given up on almost everything, Dua illuminates the light of hope in the darkness that you have entrapped yourself into. Every little invocation has a great impact on your daily life, especially on your intentions and deeds. It is a method which makes you feel closer to God. Duas provide you inner satisfaction and prevent you from many ailments. They help you build strong beliefs, illuminate your heart and pursue repentance. It is a source to obtain mental, physical and above all spiritual growth. Allah (SWT) has revealed the Holy Quran which is the most authentic source for different invocations. Soft Density has introduced a new app called, “Ya Allah”, which contains invocations from the Holy Quran famously known as, “Rabbana”. This app can also be used as a study tool because of the reference to the context mentioned for every invocation taken from the Holy Quran itself. Thanks to this latest app, you can now engage yourself in reciting or hearing these dua’as whenever and wherever you want. You can download the app and conveniently use it on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod. The app includes the following features that help you: · Choose and play any invocation you want to listen. · Mute the recitation and read the Arabic text of every invocation · Read the transliteration written in Roman Arabic to make pronunciation easier · Read the English translation of every invocation · Configure a counter for the repetition of any invocation you want · Examine the reference to the context taken from the Holy Quran itself · Go back to paused invocations to complete afterward · View a user friendly U...


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Platform: Mac OS X

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