VisualFont allows you to browse libraries of TrueType and bitmapped fontsthat can be easily viewed, printed, listed or duplicated, and withoutrestriction of number or size. VisualFont uses very few memory, theapplication is quite small, and it can still manage thousands of fonts. Thenew search engine is able to find all fonts contained in any folder and itssubfolders, sort them, remove duplicates, and caches the search results todisk, so that you can stop the search process and resume it later. Therendering engine now displays and prints text using multiple lines, and hasbeen greatly improved to fit professional needs. VisualFont uses drag anddrop intensively, it can interact with the Finder, and uses the latesttechnologies provided with MacOS 8 and MacOS 9. .

Published By:Jean-Baptiste Quenot

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:26 June, 2011




Size:355.0 KB

Platform: Macintosh

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