VelOCRaptor Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts printed type into text. Until now OCR programs have been too expensive and too complicated for occasional use. VelOCRaptor makes OCR available to all Mac users - offering drag-and-drop simplicity at an introductory price of just $29.VelOCRaptor uses the Google-sponsored OCRopus OCR engine. On good quality documents its accuracy rivals the best in the business. It is work in progress though - with poor quality scans and odd fonts it can still struggle. We're so excited by its potential, and so unimpressed by the price and usability of other Mac OCR programs, that we've decided to make VelOCRaptor available now. For many uses, in particular locating scanned documents and copying small amounts of text, the accuracy is good enough. For verbatim transcriptions of complicated documents, we may not do so well yet. This will improve as the OCRopus engine improves, and we are committed to releasing updated versions of VelOCRaptor as the accuracy gets better. In the meantime, you can try before you buy, so what have you to lose?

Published By:velocraptor

License Type:Demo

Date Added:22 August, 2012




Size:11.8 MB

Platform: Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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