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TransType Pro supports batch conversion so users can convert their font libraries from legacy font formats such as PostScript Type 1 into the new cross-platform OpenType format. TransType allows the user to convert their legacy-encoded Cyrillic, Greek, Central European, phonetic and other specialty fonts into the new universal Unicode encoding to make them compatible with the newest versions of Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office or Apple iWork. If the user converts standard Type 1 fonts or TrueType GX/AAT fonts into OpenType, TransType Pro 3 will automatically add some OpenType typographic features such as ligatures or fractions. TransType Pro addresses common font problems. Font conversion may help repair corrupt fonts that are rejected by the system or cause problems in printing. Users of older applications and systems can convert their OpenType fonts into Type 1 or TrueType. Owners of Multiple Master fonts can use TransType Pro to convert them into normal OpenType, Type 1 or TrueType fonts and use them in any application. TransType Pro simplifies the conversion of font families from Macintosh to Windows as it supports conversion of entire Stuffit (.sit) archives and allows the user to manually rearrange and rename font styles and families. Font designers who use TypeTool, ScanFont or other font editors can now use TransType Pro to create professional-quality OpenType fonts. TransType Pro includes Python scripting language support so users and 3rd party vendors can create macros that apply additional effects to the converted fonts and extend the application's functionality. TransType Pro supports a multitude of font formats: Mac PostScript Type 1 and Mac TrueType fonts (suitcases and dfont), OpenType fonts with PostScript outlines (.otf) and with TrueType outlines (.ttf), Windows PostScript Type 1 fonts (.pfb) and Windows TrueType fonts (.ttf), Mac and Windows Multiple Master fonts as well as the VFB format used by FontLab, TypeTool and AsiaFont Studio. .

Published By:FontLab

License Type:Demo

Date Added:05 June, 2011




Size:4.7 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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