Stellar Volume Optimizer

Stellar Volume Optimizer

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Stellar Volume Optimizer comes for great help for all Mac users in cases when the volume of your Mac becomes corrupt or damaged due to any directory error. The software repairs and rebuilds corrupt volume directories and gets your Mac back to working state. With its efficient scan algorithm, the software checks for any directory error in the volumes of the Mac and then repairs it. If your Mac has certain incorrect disk permissions, which will ultimately results in inaccessibility of your precious data, Stellar Volume Optimizer verifies them and checks for the inconsistency. The software is able to verify and repair disk permissions both for the primary volume (boot volume) and for the secondary Mac volumes.

For the non-boot volumes, journaling plays a very crucial role by protecting the integrity of the Mac OS X Extended file system. Any error in the journaling of the Extended file system brings your Mac to an inconsistent state. In fact, with severe journaling error ends in permanent disk damage. Stellar Volume optimizer eradicates the need of disk repair or data recovery provisions, if the journaling of your Mac volumes is taken care of timely.

In addition to repairing and rebuilding the boot and non-boot volumes of your Mac, Stellar Volume Optimizer also supports verifies and repairs volumes of all external storage devices. You can attach any external storage, such as pen drives or hard drives and check the media for any error in its volumes.

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Published By:Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:05 November, 2014




Size:14.4 MB

Platform: Mac , Mac OS X , Mac Other

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