Snow Effect in Flash

Snow Effect in Flash

Falling snow effect for Flash MX 2004 and Flash8 is a physical model of the winter falling snow. We used mathematical algorithms to program the model of real snowfall, cute snwoflakes, and put everything into a custom Macromedia extension/component. Falling Snow Flash Actionscript extension is extremely simple to customize and has several parameters, such as wind speed, snow intensity, number of snowflakes etc. Our Falling Flash Snow Effect Extension was verified and approved by Macromedia Flash Q.A. Team on 12-Nov-2005! Snow Effect in Flash has the following parameters: - Snow Acceleration, Appearance Timeout, Fall Speed, Perspective - Snow Intensity / Number of Snowflakes, Snowflake size - Several Snowflake types, custom snow symbol linkage. - Wind Intensity - Any size of the component (Rectangle), Live preview enabled!

Snow Effect Snow - Snow Actionscript Source Code - Sample Falling Snow Fla Swf In Flash - Flash Snow - Animated Snowflakes - Snow Flash Extension Component


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Date Added:04 November, 2012




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Platform: Linux , OS/2 , Unix , MAC 68k

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DateNov 28, 2012

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PlatformLinux, OS/2, Unix, MAC 68k