SMS Widget for Mac OS X


SMS Widget for Mac OS X from CardBoardFish is a complete Dashboard text messaging solution, making it quick and easy to send and receive texts on your Mac. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and later,The application supports the ability to send long text messages of up to 459 characters in length and to set your own, custom, Sender ID. This can either be alphanumeric or set to a mobile number, the latter of which allows you to send messages that appear to come from your own mobile phone and receive replies back to it directly.Dona€™t have a mobile phone? A third option is available. Add a Virtual Number from CardBoardFish and you can receive replies to your texts on your Mac.Also included is a Contacts area for storing mobile phone numbers. You can text up to 10 mobile numbers at once.To register for an account, buy credit and virtual numbers, and to view coverage and pricing information please visit our website. CardBoardFish SMS Text Messaging Solutions: Apple Mac OS X SMS Widget for sending and receiving SMS text messages. SMS text messaging widget for cheap SMS on Apple OS X Tiger and Leopard.

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Published By:CardBoardFish

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:09 January, 2011




Size:400.0 KB

Platform: Mac OS X

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