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The ScheduleOnline Mac OS X Conduit beta was built for many of our Macintosh OS X based Palm users. Currently, it will allow you to synchronize your Palm device (Address Book, Date Book, To Do List and Memo Pad) with your ScheduleOnline (Contacts, Calendar, To Do List and Memo) account. A future release will also include synchronization with Apple iCal and Microsoft Entourage as well. Please note that this conduit is only useful for users with a ScheduleOnline account. ScheduleOnline. Online scheduling and collaboration solutions, Our tools streamline enterprise-wide planning, provide scheduling solutions between users, and offer extranet tools for interaction between your business and your customers.

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Published By:ScheduleOnline, Inc.

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:12 May, 2011




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Platform: Macintosh

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