PDF Text Stamp for Mac OS X

PDF Text Stamp for Mac OS X

PDF Text Stamp is a useful and high performance server utility. PDF Text Stamp software automates the process of applying page numbers, bates numbers, roman numerals, fonts, font sizes, font types, colored text, angled text, centered text, right justified, from any edge of page & any text to multi page, rotated & different sized pdf's. PDF Text stamp contains many special features like carrying over page numbers to other pdf's, starting from any page number at any page, 2 up processing, a/b 2up processing, nth processing, reverse numbering, one page number only, prefix text, separator text, postfix text, add any True Type font (comes with a TTF font to metric conversion tool), file output naming using page number information & list of files processing. FEATURES: · Automates the process text stamping multiple PDF files. · Command Line options for automation · Batch list processing · Doesn't require Acrobat · Up to 34 times quicker than Acrobat 7 · Apply any type of True Type font · Full HTML Help.

Pdf Stamp - Text Stamp - Pdf Text Stamp - Server - Pdf - Stamp

Published By:Traction Software

License Type:Demo

Date Added:16 December, 2012




Size:768.0 KB

Platform: Mac OS X

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