PayGo is a Point-of-sale (POS) and tracking software. Features include:Track classes with a calendar! Print out name tags, set minimum enrollment levels, print out supply lists, make classes easy and profitable Create quotes and special orders right from your register Smart bar codes! Yep, PayGo can generate a barcode that not only provides item information, it also contains the cost of the info. So anytime you sell something, PayGo knows what you paid for that specific item. Your data will be so accurate! Cafe screen. Do you sell coffee, lattes and tasty bakery goods? With this new screen, you can use PayGo to make your day delightful.Many more features. PayGo - Windows & Mac POS | Retail Point of Sale Software. Mac POS (Point of Sale) Retail Software that also runs on Windows as a POS solution.

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Published By:Christian James, Inc.

License Type:Shareware

Date Added:08 June, 2011



Platform: Macintosh

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