Mindjet MindManager 7 Mac


MindManagerA® 7 Mac is software that inspires people and businesses to align individuals and teams to achieve critical strategic goals. MindManagera€™s intuitive and interactive visual maps capture and organize the knowledge and experience of your people and consolidate data from other desktop tools in one location for quick access. The maps clearly communicate ideas and information, unleashing the creativity of your people and enabling them to work faster and smarter a€“ and generate measurable results. Mindjet: Brainstorming, Free Form Thinking, and Visual Aid Mind Mapping Software Program. Mindjet provides a visual mind mapping software which enables users to tie together, visually map and dynamically interact with all the information, documents, people and activities that make up any kind of work effort a€“ simple or complex, in real-time or shared over time.

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Published By:Mindjet Corporation

License Type:Demo

Date Added:05 June, 2011




Size:2.2 MB

Platform: Mac OS X 10.4.x Tiger or greater

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