MIE Journal Software

MIE Journal Software

Journal software systems are designed to solve the typical problems associated with secure documents along with file and document management. MIE Journal Software is a great tool for tracking documents, information and data. It is a highly advanced system designed for single users up to organizations of hundreds of users. MIE Journal Software is a revolutionary business management and collaboration tool designed for capturing information quickly and easily without the hassle of haphazard file creation. The tool is intuitive and flexible, and primarily aims to improve information sharing, collaboration, file & document management, task management, chat and other essential business tasks. MIE Journal Software is ideal for businesses whose employees want to share information, collaborate, chat, and manage tasks, documents and files. Creating journals is easy, and they can be nested as deep as you wish while holding as much information as you require. Notable benefits of MIE Journal Software are: " Similitude with standard word processors " Unlimited notes " Possibility to paste pictures easily " Automatic saving for increased ease of use MIE Journal Software makes it possible for anyone to input and maintain any type of electronic information in an easy-to-use hierarchically arranged interface. Users can share journals between them and, for increased data protection, they can assign a password to each journal. In effect, journals represent user-defined databases that can store any type of information necessary. MIE Journal Software also comes with a fully integrated workflow system for tasks and document management so you can handle the hundreds of thousands of documents under your management in a non-demanding, effective and organized manner. Tasks also have a workflow, where tasks can be forwarded automatically to the next recipient as steps are being completed.

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Published By:MIE Solutions

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:10 January, 2013




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Platform: Linux , Other , iPhone , Handheld/Mobile Other

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