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There's something aesthetically soothing about seeing the Earth spin and observing the change from night to day. This screensaver is for all those that want to see the world spinning on their desktop and watch the change of day to night in real time.Earth Screensaver displays the Earth with the moon revolving around it during the night and the sun by day. After running the installer, open System Preferences, click on Desktop & Screen Saver, and choose Earth Screensaver. By clicking options, you can customize the time you want the sun to set, select whether to use a default stars background and whether to show the time over the moon.

Benbenbob - Earth Screensaver - Ben Brown - Ben Vrown - Screensaver - Mac - Macintosh - Book Of Biff - Widget - Software

Published By:Benbenbob Software

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:03 September, 2012




Size:2.0 MB

Platform: Mac OS X

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