Desktop Calendar for Mac

Desktop Calendar for Mac

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Gladwev Software introduces Desktop Calendar for Mac as one such tool that provides you this opportunity to do all these tasks in a much organized manner and in even less than half the time. The Desktop Calendar for Mac is basically software that is just a enhanced and improved version of iCal and this tool is an amazing utility for the Mac users.

We, at Gladwev Software are both the users and the developers of this standalone software and hence, we have covered all the essential elements that may be required by the user in organizer software. The plus point of the Desktop Calendar for Mac is that being an active desktop calendar for Mac, it also can sync with the iCal. When you update or edit any information in the iCal, the Desktop Calendar for Mac automatically updates it into its database. Also, when you install it, it will automatically integrate all the data of the iCal and work accordingly.

This application is both fast and efficient tool that one could ask for as an active desktop calendar for Mac. The Desktop Calendar for Mac comes with all the essential features ranging from being an easy to use platform to providing best access to all the important details. The Desktop Calendar for Mac is also very handy to access as it is available just in the menu bar on your computer screen.

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Published By:Desktop Calendar for Mac

License Type:Commercial

Date Added:07 April, 2015




Size:588.3 KB

Platform: Mac , Mac OS X

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