Deep Freeze Mac ARD


Deep Freeze Mac ARD has changed the way IT Professionals approach end-point security; its non-restrictive concept offers the most robust Macintosh protection available. The need for IT professionals to perform rebuilds, re-image, or troubleshoot computers is eliminated with Deep Freeze Mac ARD reboot-to-restore technology. The result is a dramatic reduction in support and IT expenditures and a substantial increase in computer uptime. This edition of Deep Freeze Mac can be deployed and controlled with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD).Protection and Security:Guarantees 100% workstation recovery on restart Provides password protection and complete security Protects multiple hard drives and partitionsConfiguration Options: Customize user name and password Choose whether the Deep Freeze icon will appear in the menu bar Choose whether the hard drive icon will appear with the Deep Freeze badgeControl and Flexibility:Freeze administrator accounts or root account Selectively Freeze or Thaw fixed drives, volumes, or partitions Import or export configuration information files to or from other Deep Freeze Controllers for deployment Use Deep Freeze Assistant to create customized installation packagesIntegration and Compatibility:Integrates with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) 2 or 3 for enterprise style capability Use Deep Freeze Assistant to install specific Saved Tasks into the ARD console Use Saved Tasks related to Deep Freeze for use with ARD, such as Boot Frozen, Boot Thawed, Uninstall Deep Freeze, and others Localized in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Japanese. Faronics - Deep Freeze and other Intelligent Solutions for ABSOLUTE Control. Faronics delivers software that helps manage, simplify, and secure computing in classroom, corporate, and public access IT environments. Deep Freeze protects workstation software from accidental or malicious damage without restricting user access. Faronics Insight provides teachers with total control over classroom computers and student activity. Faronics Power Save uses intelligent power management to ensure workstations are not wasting energy and money when they are not being used. WINSelect enables IT administrators to customize which applications, websites, programs, and menu options a user has access to. Faronics Anti-Executable protects workstations from unwanted software by preventing unauthorized executables from running or installing. Faronics Device Filter enables system administrators to allow or prevent devices from connecting to enterprise workstations.

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Published By:Faronics

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Date Added:26 April, 2011




Platform: Macintosh

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