About CreaTextAn HTML text editor with some basic and advanced features.CreaText has got many functions which make creating websites easier, e.g. Tag Coloring, easy access to the Mac browsers (Safari, Firebird, Internet Explorer, iCab, Help Viewer, Opera, OmniWeb), the change of special characters into HTML characters, an Insert menu with rapid access to all usual HTML commands, a HTML color chooser, drag & drop, and the possibility to setup HTML parameters when creating a new document.CreaText is built like a typical Mac application so you will quickly explore CreaText s dimensions. Most menus commands have shortcuts for immediate access. The documentation is not complete but explains many of CreaText s handy features.Whats New in this Version- Mac OS X like Toolbar- Support for .app Browsers- Many bugfixes and improvements- Center tag shortcuts- English patch available on CreaText page . CreaText HTML Text Editor for Mac OS X: Official Homepage. CreaText is a free, open-source HTML text editor for Mac OS X.

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Published By:Marius Soutier

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:17 March, 2011




Size:2.6 MB

Platform: Mac OS X 10.2 or later

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