CatGrab for Mac


The convenient solution for a professionally organized photo collection. The transfer from the camera to the PC requires no preferences and is done with a click. CatGrab renames the image and movie files by date and time and gives your pictures a clear and unmistakable name - never again lost or incorrectly sorted photos! Because of the intuitive program design and convenient interface of the software is extremely user-friendly. It has never been easier to organize a photo collection. Other versions of the software offer advanced users a range of options to adapt the behavior of the software according to their own needs. More information and latest version of the program are:

Photo - Pictures - Sort - Automatic - Linux - Windows - Mac - Apple - Digicam - Free - Rename - Digital Camera - Archiving - Archives - Sorting - Import - Importing - Importer

Published By:CatForge

License Type:Freeware

Date Added:13 October, 2012




Size:12.4 MB

Platform: Mac OS X , Mac OS X 10.3 , Mac OS X 10.4 , Mac OS X 10.5

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