BlazeFS is a lightweight, high-speed file sharing mechanism for Apple Mac OS X client-server environs. It allows users to store and share large data files on a file server and then "mount" volumes on Mac client systems much like you do with the Finder, except that it operates much more efficiently. BlazeFS provides remote file sharing that is completely transparent to client applications and works as if the user were accessing files on a local disk. Additionally, BlazeFS can drive data to the maximum speed of a Gigabit Ethernet link. BlazeFS is designed to improve the workflow of digital production shops. It offers users the ability to store large data files, such as uncompressed HD video, on a file server rather than local to each client and allows clients to access these files at speeds similar to the local disk. BlazeFS will benefit all users sharing data, but will be especially useful in those industries where significantly large data files need to be ostreamedo or transferred between users, including video editing, content creation, print media, and rendering farms. To validate performance and stability, Small Tree has tested and achieved exceptional results with BlazeFS using the demanding application Final Cut Pro HD, the professional video industryls benchmark tool for editing. .

Published By:Small Tree Communications

License Type:Demo

Date Added:18 June, 2011




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Platform: Macintosh

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