Applied Strategy Execution - Self study

Applied Strategy Execution - Self study

Learn how to put your strategy to work with this PDF Self-study Edition of ASE, the innovative Applied Strategy Execution program. It is a structured framework for clearly stating an organization's strategic goals and objectives, and translating them throughout the organization. By defining and clarifying the relationships between objectives and the specific work processes of business operations, it's possible to establish linkages that ensure alignment. Departments will work in concert, not at odds. Resources will be optimized. Why should I purchase this product? Reducing waste, improving efficiencies, and conducting business better, faster and more profitably are crucial to the survival and growth of every enterprise - whether public, private, non-profit, or government. For third-party service providers, it represents a potential source of revenue through a flow of high-impact training and improvement projects that emerge. The content and methodology can help users develop a solid base to build upon essential linkages from strategic goals and objectives to individual improvement activities, as well as to close the loop by rolling up performance metrics and financial contribution to the strategic level of the business. Included are clickable pop-up notes providing further explanation of a link or topic. Be sure to explore them to gain full benefit of this resource. The images representing Lean Six Sigma (LSS) offer additional perspective relating the content to LSS best practices. The Self-Study Edition is a single comprehensive PDF file (cross-platform). The Application Guide is tightly integrated with the presentation slides (both are in PDF). Many slides include hyperlinks to specific pages in the Application Guide where the topic of interest is discussed in detail. (Requires Adobe Reader with Javascript enabled.)

Strategy - Policy - Deployment - Hoshin - Kanri - Direction - Compass - Communication - Link - Linkage - Alignment - Improvement - Process - Processes - Projects - Goals - Objectives - Application - Guide - Presentation - Training - Slides

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