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More than 1,000,000 people around the world are using our yoga apps for iPhone and iPad! Now you can enjoy this amazing app on your MAC!- Over 250 poses and breathing exercises with detailed instructions, photo, video and voice guidance plus special yoga tunes for efficient sessions! -25 ready-made programs compiled by an experienced yogi are ideal for rookies and will push the limits of pros as well. -A special algorithm will choose the best individual program for you according to your goals, level and time limits.- An ideal tool to create your own programs: make up and edit your own yoga routine quickly and easily!Features:- RICH CONTENT- over 250 poses and BREATHING EXERCISES including the most popular and those recommended by professional yoga practicers - text, voice instructions plus PHOTOS AND VIDEOS FOR EACH POSE - NAME VOICING in English and Sanscrit for all poses - FULL-SCREEN for training mode - BREATHING EXERCISES- 40+ breathing exercises for every level: learn the art of yoga breathing- 4 pranayama programs help you relax and meditate- clear audio and text instructions + video for every exercise showing correct techniques of breathing- breathing timer - 25 READY-MADE PROGRAMS - 2 modes of program selection for every level - Personal Yoga Teacher mode: a unique algorithm will choose a ready-made program according to your parameters, goals and time limits - Quick Recipes mode: browse through the list of 25 programs created by professional yogis and choose the one you like. - DESIGN YOUR OWN PROGRAM - fast Mode is an ideal tool to build programs of any level - create and edit your program quickly and easily: choose from the list of poses, set the duration of each pose - change the order of poses, delete poses from the program or add new ones - Forward/Back buttons for...

Published By:Zeda Inc.

License Type:Commercial

Date Added:29 January, 2013




Size:1020.0 MB

Platform: Mac OS X

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