Alien Nations


Alien Nations is an exciting mixture of "God game" and real-time strategy game. The player selects one nation and begins with a small main building. Around this building, he constructs houses and specialist buildings. Gradually, a booming microcosm will develop, growing into a town. Raw materials have to be found. Newly-arrived inhabitants are trained in the schools as masons, wood-cutters, researchers, etc. They are then able to play their part in the growth and expansion of their nation. Features include:Enormous 3-D terrainThree different nations75 different buildings and 85 different professionsUnlimited zoom functionDiplomacyTradeResearch with 100 technologies to be discoveredA living world - with wild animals and people that go about their daily workA school system to train the inhabitantsExperience levels for military unitsFirst-class, highly detailed graphics with entertaining animationsLots of funEasy to use interfaceCampaigns with 10 different missions per nationMulti-player optionSupports english, deutsch, french, spanisch and italian languages. Titan Computer Software Development and Publishing. Titan Computer Software Development and Publishing

Titan Computer - Papyrus Office - Ragehard - Multiplayer - Spiele - Games - Office - Shooter - Computerspiele - Strategy - Tactical Shooter

Published By:Titon Computer

License Type:Demo

Date Added:14 May, 2011




Size:30.2 MB

Platform: Macintosh

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